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Welcome To Golden Goat Farming. We will release practical goat training programme date Soon. Welcome To Golden Goat Farming. We will release practical goat training programme date Soon.

Welcome to Golden Commercial Goat Farming Training Center in Mathura

At golden goat farming training centre which is best goat farming training centre in UP, we give you the best experience. Our three-day training provides full information about the goat breeds, their nutrition, cause of diseases, cause of death, factors that lead to problem in reproduction in goats. Apart from it we also train you to grow and improve your existing goat farm. We train you as per the standard process and under the supervision of CIRG experts and experienced scientist of the goat research field.

स्वर्ण बकरी पालन प्रशिक्षण केंद्र जो कि यूपी में सबसे अच्छा बकरी पालन प्रशिक्षण केंद्र है, हम आपको सबसे अच्छा अनुभव देते हैं। हमारे तीन दिवसीय प्रशिक्षण में बकरी की नस्लों, उनके पोषण, बीमारियों का कारण, मृत्यु का कारण, बकरियों के प्रजनन में समस्या पैदा करने वाले कारकों के बारे में पूरी जानकारी मिलती है। इसके अलावा हम आपको अपने मौजूदा बकरी फार्म को विकसित करने और बेहतर बनाने के लिए प्रशिक्षित करते हैं। हम आपको मानक प्रक्रिया और सीआईआरजी विशेषज्ञों और बकरी अनुसंधान क्षेत्र के अनुभवी वैज्ञानिक की देखरेख में प्रशिक्षित करते हैं।

Benefits of goat farming training
  • (a) Identify breeds
  • (b)Right nutrition
  • (c) High Quality milk
  • (d) High Quality meat
  • (e) Prevent diseases
  • (f) Project easy govt loan
केंद्र द्वारा बकरी पलकों के लिए संचालित सेवाएं:
  • १. तीन दिवसीय प्रशिक्षण
  • २. एक दिवसीय प्रशिक्षण
  • ३. परामर्श सेवाएं
  • ४. उन्नत नस्ल की बकरी क्रय विक्रय की सुविधा
  • ५. बकरी फार्म स्थापना में तकनीकी सहयोग प्रदान करना
  • ६. विभिन्न सरकारी / गैर सरकारी संस्थाओं की परियोजनाओं हेतु सम्बंधित क्षेत्र से आंकड़ा संकलन करना
  • ७. अपने शहर में प्रशिक्षण की सुविधा प्रदान करना
Identify breeds

Our training officials give you knowledge about all the breeds that are available in India. Its important for farmers to identify the breed correctly while purchasing a lot of livestock.

Right nutrition

While you are taking care of livestock, then the right nutrition plays a major in upbringing a healthy flock of goats. Right nutrition keeps your livestock fit and fine. Your livestock reflects the care you give to it.

High Quality milk

Goats milk is referred as one the source for curing body. It contains plenty of calcium, protein for repairing body and it is lower in lactose and cholesterol content. It’s a magical liquid that is full of vitamins. Golden goat training centre informs you how to keep your goat milk nutritious.

High Quality meat

We train to keep your goat healthy and increase its mass naturally as goat meat more has iron and low saturated fat it is more favourable than any other form of meat.

Prevent diseases

Your goat is prone to many diseases like brucellosis, campylobacteriosis, listeriosis etc. We train you to prevent such diseases and provide you remedies to cope up with it.

Project Easy Government Loan

We help you in goat farming project report if you looking to establish a commercial goat farm, we will assist you in providing the information about the cost and advantages of opening a commercial goat farm.



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